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Great Calorie Burning Exercises To Do At Home

There are many exercises to do at home that are super effective for burning calories and helping you shed off those excess pounds. Do these exercises in the comfort of your home, and you'll show signs of improvement in no time!

Not only are these exercises calorie burners, but the ones we have chosen are also great for improving cardio and strengthening the most important muscle groups.

Do these exercises in the comfort of your home, and you'll show signs of improvement in no time! But remember, without a calorie deficit, you'll be fighting an uphill battle!


A whole-body strengthening exercise which is a form of cardio and no weights required. It uses your body weight, and one of the fastest calorie-blasters and body-transforming exercises out there for you will burn about 740-1000 calories per 90-120 minutes.

High Knees

High knees are a high-intensity cardio exercise. Doing high knees gets your blood pumping while engaging your core, strengthening all the muscles in your legs, and improving momentum, coordination, and flexibility. It is another effective exercise to burn about 700-900 calories in 90-120 minutes with a 1-minute break after 40 repetitions. This intense cardio exercise will also help you get a flatter stomach and promote lung and heart health.

Mountain Climbers

Having time for only one exercise? Consider mountain climbers. This super simple move works several joints and muscles simultaneously, from neck down to feet and burns calories like crazy. It is also vital in HIIT and strength training workouts. Start by working your way up from slow climbs to fast mountain climbers by practicing in short bursts. A 130lb person burns 900 - 1000 calories per 90-100 minutes of mountain climbers!

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a full-body workout that helps develop both upper and lower-body muscular endurance. It burns many calories in a short time, promotes fat-burning metabolism, and helps lose belly fat. You will burn 750 to 1047 calories per hour or 90-120 minutes (with the breaks in between). But make sure you are doing high-intensity rope jumps.

Jumping Jacks And Plank Jacks

Jumping Jacks is a simple, easy-to-do cardiovascular exercise that is great for cardiovascular health and boosting metabolism. It activates every large muscle group in your body. Getting your heart rate up is the number one way to burn fat, and you can accomplish that very thing by learning how to it Just be sure to keep a brisk pace to keep increased heart rate and maintain the aerobic benefits.

The plank jack is also a great cardio move; it increases the heart rate while strengthening your body from top to bottom. They fire up your abs fast, too.

Jumping jacks and plank jacks combined results in amazing high-intensity full body and core workout that will promote burning about 600-1000 calories per hour.

Jump Squats And Jump Lunges

Squats and lunges are excellent for calorie burning and lower body toning. They don't only shape perfect curves; they also help promote overall fitness, burn more fat, and maintain healthy joint movement. But if jumps are combined with these exercises, it can make a huge difference. You will burn about 700-900 calories by combining jump squats and jump lunges for approximately 120 minutes, with 60 seconds break after each set. One set composes of 20 reps of jump squats and 20 reps of jump lunges.

Crunches And Sit-ups

Both crunches and sit-ups are abdominal exercises for developing core strength. If you're fed up with your belly fat, these exercises are for you. They are ab-sculpting exercises.

Doing a combination of crunches and sit-ups will burn around 600-900 calories. Many variations of these exercises include leg-up crunches, leg up sit-ups, and bicycle crunches. You can perform any of these to target other body muscles and keep your exercise routine interesting.

Though we are still encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, there is no excuse not to maximize our calorie burn. Let's take advantage of the time we spend staying indoors by exercising for our long-term health.

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