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Booty Bands

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Build the body shape you love and take your workouts to the next level with the 3DActive Fabric Resistance Bands. With three resistance levels for a range of exercises that you can do, you’ll never need to leave the comfort of your home to get your workouts in.

  • NON-ROLLING, NON-SLIPPING - 3DActive resistance bands are super comfortable and have non-slip latex strips to stop bands from slipping or rolling up the leg during exercise.
  • 3 RESISTANCE LEVELS - Our bands are one-size (14.5 inches - 37cm) but have 3 different resistance levels to accommodate a wide range of exercises for your workout.
  • PERFECT FOR TONING AND STRENGTHENING - Suitable for all abilities and perfect for stretching, warm-ups, strengthening exercises and toning muscles to get you into your best shape.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY AND DURABLE - Our bands are made of premium cotton with robust stitching to ensure maximum comfort, performance and durability.
Booty Bands

Frequently Asked Questions

Booty Bands are specifically designed for lower body exercises. They have a tougher resistance than other resistance bands, as your leg and glute muscles are stronger than your upper body muscles. 

Booty Bands are also made from woven fabric rather than latex or silicone, which means that they’re roll-proof and non-slipping.

Each Booty Band offers a different tension level, best suited for various exercises and for increasing tension as you progress on your workouts:

  • Heavy Purple/Black: 40-60lbs / 18-27kg
  • Medium Pink/Gray: 30-50lbs / 14-23kg
  • Light Green/Light Gray: 15-30lbs / 7-14kg

Booty Bands are incredibly versatile, and they are an excellent way to warm up before your workouts as well. Booty Bands add extra resistance to your training so they are a great addition to lower-body exercises, such as squats, hip abductions, and lunges.

Booty Bands can also be used during Pilates and Yoga classes to add resistance to common exercises and poses.

You can handwash your 3DActive Booty Bands or machine wash them at 80°F. Make sure the bands are completely dry before you store them. Do not tumble dry or apply beach to the 3DActive Booty Bands.

Common Customer Questions

Booty Band exercises can be performed during any stage of pregnancy, as long as you are comfortable during the workout, if you do not experience any pain, or if you have no difficulty breathing.

Because Booty Bands can be used as suitable alternatives to free weights, they’re a good way to get your workout in, even while pregnant, without putting too much strain on your body.

Please be advised that you should always consult with your healthcare provider before attempting any exercise routine while pregnant - with or without Booty Bands.

By incorporating Booty Bands into your workouts, you’ll be adding an extra level of resistance to the exercises you perform.

Booty Bands are a great way to strengthen your knee and hip strength, without any tension in those areas, to help progress you into better form and strength in your future fitness journey.

Booty Bands can be just as effective as free weights. They are able to target the entire muscle group of your glutes, giving you shape and definition, because they keep your glutes under continuous tension.

Booty Bands are more durable and last fairly longer than latex resistance bands, which means you can stretch them and use them for longer, without fear of them wearing out or snapping on you.

Before you start your workout, always make sure to inspect your bands for any sign of wear and tear, as to avoid possible injuries to yourself or your property.

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