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Ab Wheel and Jump Rope Set

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    Does the Ab Roller have a weight limit?

    The Ab Roller can handle up to 200lbs / 90kg body weight, assuming you are not shifting your entire body weight onto the Ab Roller handles, as it’s meant to act as support to balance out your body weight while pushing yourself forward and back, while using either your knees or feet as an anchor to support the rest of your body. You might incur injuries if you lean completely on your Ab Roller.

    Does the Ab Roller only work the abs?

    The Ab Roller’s main target is the abs and those are the ones you need to build up to progress on exercises using the Ab Roller, but because you need to engage several other muscle groups to balance yourself and perform the rolling in and rolling out movements, you’re also working on your obliques, back, lats, deltoids, chest, biceps, triceps, and even your hips.

    What’s the best way to use the Ab Roller?

    Using an Ab Roller essentially means extending your body in a plank position, engaging several core muscles to push yourself forward and down, and then backward and back up, in a rolling in and out movement. Because of the small surface area you have to work with - the Ab Roller handles - you must take care to engage your hip flexors all the way up to your shoulders, including your spine, lats, and obliques, under risk of straining your back or pulling on either of these muscles while working out.

    Can the Ab Roller be disassembled for easy transportation?

    You can disassemble the Ab Roller at any time to make transportation easier. Simply follow the assembly instructions you can find within the included User Guide in reverse, removing one of the foam handles and then the steel bar from the center of the wheel.

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