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Jump Rope with Indoor Attachment

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    Is this Jump Rope suitable for beginners?

    As with any exercise equipment, if you’ve never used a jump rope before or aren’t confident in your ability to use one, it’s recommended you take it slow and don’t exert yourself under risk of injury. The indoor attachments that come included with your Jump Rope might be a good solution if you’re a beginner and as a way to get the timing of your jumps accurate, since you won’t have to worry about tripping on the rope or missing the cue to jump in time.

    Can I cut the rope to adjust the length?

    The 3DActive Jump Rope is roughly 10’ / 3m long so it’s recommended you adjust the rope’s length by cutting it down with the help of wire cutters. To know how much to cut, place your foot in the middle of the rope, holding each handle in the opposite hand. The recommended rope length in relation to your height should allow the handles to reach the top of your shoulder when standing in the middle of it. Instructions on how to do this are included in the User Guide that comes with your Jump Rope.

    How do the indoor attachments on the Jump Rope work?

    You use the Jump Rope with indoor attachments the same way you would a regular jump rope, holding each handle separately and making circular movements with them, jumping up and down in sync with these rotations.

    How do I switch between rope and ropeless attachments?

    The indoor attachments that come included with your Jump Rope must first be assembled by unscrewing the cap on both Jump Rope handles, removing the rope, and inserting the ball attachments in its place (step by step illustrations on how to do this can be found in the User Guide that comes with the Jump Rope).

    What’s the material of the handles and rope?

    The Jump Rope handles have a non-slip foam grip and a 0.19lbs / 88g weight inside. The rope itself is coated wire.

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