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Massage Roller Stick

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    Is the Massage Stick flexible and soft?

    The Massage Stick has a steel rod interior covered by 9 individual plastic rollers and 2 ergonomic handles. Due to this, the Massage Stick is firm and can cause injuries if handled improperly.

    What can I use the Massage Stick for?

    You can use the Massage Stick for targeted massages in most areas of your body. Rolling the individual rollers over tight and sore muscles will release tension and knots, helping your body recover.

    Can I use the Massage Stick as a foot massager?

    As long as you support yourself as to not slip, you can roll the Massage Stick on your foot arch.

    Can I use the Massage Stick by myself?

    You are able to use the Massage Stick yourself but some areas of your body might require assistance so as to not hurt yourself.

    Is the Massage Stick safe for children?

    Because of the steel rod in the interior of the Massage Stick it is not advisable to let children use it unsupervised.

    Will the Massage Stick pull on body hair?

    It’s possible the individual rollers on the Massage Stick may pull on body hair, so it’s recommended to use it over clothes to avoid any discomfort.

    What can I do if the individual rollers on the Massage Stick are locked in place?

    If you’re unable to roll the individual rollers on the Massage Stick one by one, please pull and twist on the handles to loosen the rollers enough for them to roll smoothly.

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