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5 Signs It's Time To Update Your Workout Routine

Did you know that staying with an exercise routine for an extended period can work against you and repeatedly doing the same exercise could lead to a plateau?
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Have you been exercising for a long time, but can see no changes to your physique or how you're feeling?

The more you repeat a single move, the more your muscles become accustomed to it. And over time, that adaptation means no more progression occurs. Therefore, you have to know when it is time to change or update your fitness routine.

Here are a few signs that will probably tell you it's time for a change:

You Do Not See Improvements

The most obvious reason to upgrade is if you don't see any physical improvements to your body. These improvements should come in various ways, like more muscle gains, more energy, feeling stronger, reduction in body fat, weight loss, faster recovery times, and more. When your exercises are no longer producing the outcome you want to see, that's a clear sign that a variety or change in routine could be what is required. This could be increasing your weights, the number of repetitions, or workout intensity.

You're Bored

Repeatedly doing the same thing is rather boring. The solution can be as simple as trying new equipment, a new workout or training, or even hire a fitness trainer to mix things up for you.  You could also consider joining a friend for some exercises as you're likely to push each other that little bit extra. Always aim to make your routines enjoyable to stay motivated and wanting to do more.

Your Workouts Have Become Easy

Your body adapts to the same workout routine wonderfully. Over a period, the same workouts will become easier and eventually effortless. You should always aim to complete an exercise, but the last few repetitions should be challenging. Your body needs to be challenged to continue evolving and improving.

You're Not Sore

Soreness is just normal after a workout. It is a favorable sign that your muscles are working and building. If the ache or soreness is gone, that means you need to increase the weight, repetitions, or review and repair your workout routine entirely. However, if you feel a sharp pain, this could be a sign of injury, and you should stop what you're doing immediately and consult a doctor or physiotherapist.

The Same Muscles Are Always Sore

If you experience soreness in the same muscle, this could indicate you are working the same muscles repeatedly without giving them rest.  Change your exercise routine to focus on different movements and muscle groups. Muscles need breaks to give them time to repair, rebuild, and get stronger.

Listening to your body is fundamental to building the body you desire. Remember, it is a continual journey and not something you can achieve overnight.  Continue progressing and improving your workout routines, and you will see and feel the rewards.

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