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How to Make Exercising More Fun

Getting started on a fitness routine is not that easy, especially if the exercise is boring and repetitive (which it doesn't have to be). But there are ways to put some more fun into an exercise routine.

Find an Exercise Buddy

Choose someone energetic, fun, and who you look forward to spending time with. Exercising with someone is always a lot more fun through conversation or competition. What is more, you can motivate each other to push harder, which will help you get into better shape even faster.

Exercise Outdoors

Exercising outside will not only burn calories but allows you to see the world differently. Often, the place you exercise can determine whether you will tire quickly of the routine.  Doing exercise in nature is a great way to make things more interesting.

Spice Up Your Routine

Try different types of exercises, and try to switch things up each time you work out. That way, it will prevent boredom as well as preventing muscle fatigue. If you spend most of the time on a treadmill, run outside when the weather is good. Take a break from your strength training and do yoga or Pilates class; instead, there are loads of classes you can now do from the comfort of your home.  As soon as you feel you've been doing the same old exercise for too long, do something else.

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Challenge Yourself

If you are determined to achieve your fitness goal, you will find that exercising more is enjoyable. Try challenging yourself every day. Increase the number of repetitions, intensity, and duration of your exercise. Setting yourself achievable goals each week and month will motivate you to exercise more to achieve them.

Join a Fitness Class

It is the best way to motivate yourself to push through because of the people around you. You have the benefit of trainers who can show you the correct form for the exercises. They are also great for variety, and a good trainer will always push you harder while keeping things refreshing.

Listen to Music

Get moving with your music playlist. With so many music apps available on your smartphone, you can easily find upbeat music to perfectly suit your tastes. Studies have proven that music's rhythm and lyrics can help motivate us to exercise harder and longer.

Measure Progress Without a Scale

Self-weighing can affect motivation. You might not see the results on the scale you would like for the amount of work you put in. This may be because you are gaining muscle while losing fat, or there is no change in your diet. It is much better to measure progress by taking measurements at the chest, upper arms, stomach, waist, upper thighs, calves, and how your clothes fit instead. Take note; the scale is not the only way to measure your success.


Staying fit doesn't have to be torture. Devote some time to calm your body because you only get one. Give yourself time to relax after a rigorous workout. Just lie down on your back, close your eyes and relax. You will feel that the harder you work while exercising, the more relaxed you will become. 

Any exercise level started at any time in your life will significantly impact your fitness level. It can lead you to a long, healthy, and happy life. Add these handfuls of fitness facts to your positive, can-do attitude and improve your fitness level today.

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