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Summertime Fitness: Activities To Get You Moving This Summer

Two women sitting on a surf board in the ocean.

When summer rolls around it’s time to take a break if you’re lucky to get some time off work, maybe get a nice tan going and enjoy some quality time by yourself or with friends and family. While it can be tempting to replace your usual workout routine with a cool drink by the beach, summer can also be a great time to change up your exercises and make them fun.


Getting out of the house and the gym is a must when the sun’s out. With proper precautions you can workout outside even when the heat is up, but you can also take your exercises to the water!

Paddleboarding, canoeing, and kayaking are amazing ways to stay active and have fun in the water, while also cooling you off from the heat. If you don’t have your own equipment, you can rent it from a local outfitter, with many of them offering classes to get you oriented and have the most fun you can.

Swimming is also a valid option and with many benefits to your health if you’d prefer to just enjoy some time in the water.


Trails, hiking, camping, are all great options if you’d rather steer clear from the packed beaches and pools. Thanks to the trees providing natural shade you’ll be protected from the sun, and many trails have a varying degree of difficulty, so you can either take a leisurely stroll or go for something more adventurous.

Camping is also a good time to enjoy time with yourself, loved ones, and the nature surrounding you, while also providing a much needed break from busy cities and town centers.


The sunny weather invites people to take their routines outdoors. Many yoga instructors and trainers will offer classes at the local park for a change of scenery, so take them up on their offer and look for classes you find interesting.

The important part is to have fun and enjoy the good weather. If you feel intimidated by large groups, consider hiring a personal trainer and ask for outdoor classes.


Gardening is not only a therapeutic activity, it’s also highly rewarding. You can easily get carried away while feeling in the moment, tending to flowers and plants. If you do go gardening, be mindful of the way you move to prevent back pain and other injuries.

Bend your knees and waist instead  of your back, focus on your core, keep your shoulders straight, and with time you’ll feel the positive changes both to your body and your garden.


At the end of the day what matters is that you move, move, move. Stay hydrated of course, and take precautions when the heat is too high. Otherwise, have fun with exercise this summer.

Take a football to the beach or park and have a friendly match with family and friends. Let your pets join in the fun or take them on more walks throughout the day.

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