Four people reaching out and holding a 3DFitBud Step Counter, comparing their step counts.

How to Get The Most Out of Your Pedometer

Pedometers are an excellent way to accurately measure the steps you have taken each day and when used correctly can have huge benefits to your overall health. They give you accurate and instant fee...
Close up of person's shoes as they are walking away.

6 Myths About Walking You Need to Stop Believing

Walking is a low impact exercise that almost everyone can do. If you haven't exercised in a while or are looking for a comfortable, healthy activity you can do every day; walking is the perfect way...
Fit woman in athletic clothes peacefully smiling outdoors with her eyes closed.

How To Start Walking Meditation

Meditation is not always about being still. Did you know that there is meditation in motion? Walking meditation could be a great alternative to you if you don't want to meditate while sitting still.
Woman walking on wet sand while sun sets in the distance.

Mental Benefits of Walking

Did you know that even a twenty-minute walk can also do wonders for your mental well-being? Here are six ways walking can be beneficial for the mind.
Black and white photo of person's legs while they take steps besides a large puddle.

5 Ways Walking Helps to Relieve Stress

Did you know that walking is a useful exercise for your physique and a tool that promotes brain health? Maybe you have experienced the feeling of being energized, focused, and calm after walking.