Muscular man calisthenics workout outdoors

All You Need to Know About Calisthenics

What if there was a way for you to get stronger without going to the gym or needing any expensive or fancy equipment? Discover the power of calisthenics, a bodyweight workout that enhances strength...
Woman in yoga pants and sports bra practicing wall pilates doing a wall squat outdoors

Wall Pilates: A Zero Budget Low-Impact Workout

Pilates has earned a reputation for being a versatile and effective workout that offers numerous physical and mental benefits. However, traditional Pilates classes can be challenging to access and ...
Man in black t-shirt with a white 3DActive logo, left hand on hip, holding a purple resistance band over his right shoulder

Master Strength with Resistance Bands: A Comprehensive Guide

Get ready to master strength and change your workout routine for the better in this comprehensive guide, where we explore effective resistance band exercises, discuss the advantages of bands with h...
Older couple doing yoga felxibility exercises in their living room

5 Simple Strength Exercises for Seniors (no equipment)

As we age, it's important to improve our strength and mobility to prevent injury and maintain our independence. Many seniors may be hesitant to engage in strength training due to concerns about inj...
Young couple running on a beach walkway.

A Beginner's Guide to Working Out and Staying Motivated

Are you looking to start working out, yet can’t help but feel overwhelmed with the amount of information out there and have no idea where to start? We got you covered.
Younger and older woman wearing bright orange and lime green athlethic clothes, smiling while holding dumbbells.

Have a good time! Be active!

Did you know that every April 6th we celebrate the Day of Sport for Development and Peace, also known as the World Day of Physical Activity? It's a day that reminds us of the importance of physical...
Two women sitting on a surf board in the ocean.

Summertime Fitness: Activities To Get You Moving This Summer

While it can be tempting to replace your usual workout routine with a cool drink by the beach, summer can also be a great time to change up your exercises and make them fun.
Woman doing a yoga pose on a rocky surface with a clear blue sky behind her.

Staying Active On Hot Days

When summer comes around the easiest choice to make is to move your exercise plans indoors, preferably to an air conditioned place so you don’t risk overheating. But did you know that, with some pl...
Fitnessmomness resistance bands exercises

8 Awesome Power Band Exercises You Can Do At Home

Power Bands are high quality natural rubber latex elastic bands that can be used for a huge variety of exercises. Push ups, pull ups, curls, lunges, squats, leg presses, and much more. Lower tensio...